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2017 Home Design Color Trends

This year’s palette of interior design paint colors reflects combination of tones from cheerful and alert to moody and placid. Check out the most popular colors of the year to paint or decorate your home:

Stormy Blue

Though dull at face value, Stormy Blue makes for stunning cabinetry and walls in any room of your home. Its classic look stays fresh when paired with stylish furniture or decor. You’ll never tire of this color when you incorporate it into your home!

Mineral Gray

Some call is shadow, deep dust, or black chiffon. This dark, masculine shade can be brightened with gold light fixtures, furniture with warm textures, and bright wall art or decor. You’d be surprised how well mineral gray works in both bedrooms and living rooms!

Earthy Green

A classic shade that’s versatile in home design, Earthy Green (often called forest or bluegrass green), is a wonderful color to paint wood floors. There are many options for incorporating this in your decor, such as throw blankets, frames, or furniture.

Dusty Sunshine

Think halfway between mustard and butter. Dusty yellow is a great color to paint your living room or kitchen that will bring brightness and joy without being overly cheerful.

Lime Green

Don’t be intimidated by this glaring yet chic color of the year! You can subtly add lime green accents into neutral rooms with throw pillows or small pieces of decor. Alternatively, make a statement and paint the walls of your bathroom or hallway to brighten up your home.

Millennial Pink

Not too sweet but not too pale, this shade of pink is lovely for throw pillows or the walls of a bedroom. It’s neutral enough to pair with dark blues, greys, or light greens.

Stone White

This timeless shade of white is perfect for any room in your home. Whether it be the color of your dining room walls, the cover of your couch, or the color scheme in your guest bedroom, Stone White is a beautiful shade that can compliment any bold color.


What’s your favorite design color of the year? Share below!

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