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    4 Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

    A busy schedule can really take toll on our ability to find the will to keep the house clean. When you finally find the time to clean the clutter, it can be an overwhelming and intimidating task, especially if you will just do it alone. Entertaining family and friends can also seem unrealistic in a messy home. Here are some simple tips on how you can keep your home spotless.

    1. Shopping Less = Cleaning Less

    Before making a purchase, always think if it is something you need or just want. Be smart when shopping for your home. If you think about it, when you bring less items in your home, you’ll have less items to clean or maintain. So before buying a pretty little décor that you really don’t need, remember that it’s easier to clean a knickknack-free countertop than one with many things that just collect dust and grime. Even if the item is on sale or free, don’t be tempted to bring it home if its not necessary.

    2. Find a Place for Everything

    It will be easier to avoid clutter by returning everything to its right place after using it. The shoes you just wore, or the toys the kids played with? Make it a habit to return them to where they should be kept. It is easier to put back one pair of shoes or two little toys than returning ten things all at once. If you will be buying any item for your home, consider where you’re going to put it. If you can’t think of an area where you can place it, it will be better to not purchase it at all.

    3. Clean One Thing at a Time

    What would be easier: cleaning surfaces after cooking one meal or washing a week’s worth of dishes? It takes less time to finish simple chores every day than to tackle it once a week. You will also do a more thorough cleaning if the tasks are smaller since it will not be overwhelming for you.

    4. Pick Out Multifunctional Furniture

    Storage ottomans and tables with drawers are practical items to have in your home. You can put books, magazines and remote controls that usually clutter up the living room. You can also quickly hide things that you have brought out if unexpected guests come to your home.

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