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4 Tips For Staying Warm in a Cold House

4 Tips For Staying Warm in a Cold House

Make this winter in your home the warmest yet! Sometimes we overlook the simplest ways to stay warm in a cold house. Here are some easy tips for maintaining warmth and comfort this winter!

1. Wear a Warm Sweater and Slippers

Though it may seem obvious, wearing a sweater and warm slippers is the ideal solution to staying warm in a cold house. We don’t often think about the need to bundle up inside, but if you’re looking to save money on heating costs this winter, it’s worth investing in a wool sweater and slippers. L.L. Bean has a great selection of slippers that are lifetime guaranteed and will keep you happy and cozy all winter.

2. Drink Herbal Tea

If you’re a coffee drinker, you might want to consider broadening your options this winter and trying herbal teas. The beauty of herbal tea is that you can drink it regularly throughout the day without totally buzzing from caffeine. Not only will you be warmed to your core, but you’ll also get a healthy dose of herbs that are rich with healing properties and can help you relax and sleep better. Some decaffeinated herbal teas include chamomile, ginger tea, rooibos, mint tea, and many varieties of fruit teas.

3. Make a Hearty Soup or Stew

Just like drinking herbal tea, eating a bowl of hot soup or hearty stew will also help keep you warm in a cold house. Better yet, your stovetop will also help to warm up your cold house as you cook your soup. Prepare your soup with hearty vegetable such as potatoes, onions, and carrots, or filling proteins like white beans and chorizo. There’s nothing like having a warm, full belly to keep you toasty without having to turn on the heat!

4. Dry Your Hair After You Shower

Keeping your head warm is just as important as maintaining a healthy temperature throughout the rest of your body. Regardless of whether your hair is long or short, make it a priority during your daily routine to dry your hair. Not only will your hair be dry in mere minutes, but you’ll also radiate heat through the rest of your body to counter the cold air in your home.

What do you do in the winter to stay warm? Comment below to share your tips!


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