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4 Unique Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint at Home













Ever thought about using chalkboard paint in your home but nervous about where to start? This versatile paint can be used to update different items in your house. Simple things like Mason jars or your fridge doors can be applied with chalkboard paint. With just a few coats, your things will have a fresh new look that will last. Here are some ideas for you to start using this great paint!

1. Paint Your Chest Drawers

Apply chalkboard paint on your chest of drawers and when it’s dry, you can write labels on what is inside each drawer. Make finding things so much easier for you and the whole family. Try this in your kids’ room and help them learn to stay organized.

2. Apply It to Your Headboard

It is always nice to wake up and see a sweet message waiting for you. With a few coats of chalkboard paint, scribble a cute note for your significant other on your headboard. Also, what better place to write down urgent tasks that you need to remember the next day?

3. Label Your Cooking Pots

Have a green thumb but always forget what you planted where? Avoid the hassle of not knowing until they grow up by labeling them with chalkboard paint. Writing the names in different style that you like to keep it unique.

4. Create Your Own To-Do List

Transform the inside of a cabinet door into an instant to-do list. You can try using this in your kitchen to write down measuring and conversion equivalents to make baking and cooking easier! You can also do this in your kids’ bedroom and help them memorize the periodic table, solar system, or whatever they are studying in school.


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