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5 Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio for Spring


Spring is a perfect time to refresh your patio! The days are getting warmer, the trees are budding, and soon enough you’ll be barbecuing outside with your friends. Get ready for the spring months ahead with these five fun ways to spruce up your patio.

1. Buy a Chiminea

If you like to enjoy your patio space at night, a chiminea is a great way to stay warm and add natural lighting. Chimineas are freestanding, outdoor fireplaces that are easy to use and control. You can buy them at a number of home goods stores or online. Love s’mores? Use your chiminea to roast marshmallows, anytime of the year!

2. Add Fragrant Plants

Flowers will  instantly add some life and beauty to your patio. Spruce up your patio with fragrant flowers to enjoy while reading in the sun or having dinner with friends. Some fragrant plants include roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, and clematis. If you have a trellis around your patio, you can use plants such as honeysuckle or roses to climb and weave around the trellis.

3. String Up Lights

A string of lights will add a lovely glow to your patio at night! If you have a small patio with a walls, you can string several strands overhead, or run them alongside a fence. String lights are a fun way to get creative and use soft light to illuminate a dinner party or family get-together on your patio.

4. Color-Coordinate Your Space

A fun way to spruce up plain patio furniture is to add outdoor pillows and chair cushions to your space. Choose a color that you won’t get tired of and decorate your patio accordingly. You can also use your plants to color-coordinate; match your honeysuckle with green and light yellow pillows or clematis to add a pop of bright pink.

5. Throw Down an Outdoor Rug

Bring the indoors to your patio with an outdoor rug! There are many, many rugs with fun patterns to choose from that you can add to your patio. A new rug will make your patio feel cozy and homey. There are a few ways to try this; place a small rug beneath a cluster of plants, throw down a rug under a cluster of chairs, or add an entrance rug outside of your patio door to make the space inviting.

How do you like to freshen up or decorate your patio? Share with us below!

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