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5 Simple Tips for Organizing an Entertainment Room


After a long day at work, most of us look forward to relaxing at home while watching our favorite television show or movie. For many, keeping this area clean and organized can be a challenge. But with some simple tips, you can maintain and enjoy a clean and comfy entertainment space that you’ll love to come home to everyday. 

1. Find a Permanent Home for the Remote

Make sure that you place it there every time. You can opt for a fabric remote control holder with pockets so that you can just put it between your sofa seat cushion and frame. If you have an extra tray or basket, you can also put this on your coffee table and organize the remote controls there.

2. Allocate a Snack Corner

Avoid mess by having a specific area for your snacks. Use a coffee table, side table or bar cart to put bags of chips, bowls of popcorn, and your drinks. Having a movie marathon with your friends? Give them small bowls where they can put the snack that they like and tell them to return them on your makeshift buffet table to prevent clutter.

3. Organize Your Reading Materials

It is also common to see magazines, books and newspapers lying around the room.  They can easily pile up if you don’t organize them right away. Avoid unnecessary clutter and put them away as soon as you’re done reading. Some coffee tables have an area under them where you can keep your reading materials. You can also use a simple basket to store your books and magazines. Put it beside your sofa so you can easily get something to read while relaxing.

4. Arrange Simple Decorations

Framed photos or simple artworks are good pieces that you can put on a ledge above the TV or your side table. Avoid more than 3 to prevent clutter.

5. Keep It Cozy with a Few Seating Pieces

Bean bags, floor pillows and area rug can make your space very comfortable and inviting. Add throw pillows to your sofa. TV watching with family and friends will be more enjoyable with a cozy entertainment room.


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