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6 Easy & Inexpensive Home Improvement Hacks

tool-shedMaking significant home improvements around your home doesn’t always require much time or money. These easy and inexpensive hacks will make your home look bright, colorful, and new again!

1. Liven Up a Windowsill or Well-Lit Mantle with Houseplants

Adding just a few potted plants to a windowsill or mantle will bring lots of life to a room. You can find a variety of houseplants at your local garden supply store that will accommodate a narrow space, such as mini potted grass, rosemary, and English Ivy.If you have little gardening experience or are just want a low-maintenance plant, pick out a succulent, as they need little water to thrive.

2. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Swap out your incandescent bulbs for LED or energy efficient light bulbs. Although they’re a little more expensive, energy efficient bulbs will last up to 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs and will consequently save you money over time. Do you love the warm glow of incandescent light? There are plenty of LED bulbs to choose from that emit soft, yellow light that will warm up any room!

3. Spruce Up Your Cabinet and Door Knobs

It’s inevitable that cabinet and doorknobs wear down over time, or even become loose and break. Replace your old knobs with inexpensive brass pulls, stylish glass knobs, or colorful ceramic pieces to spruce up your drawers, cabinets, and doors. For a unique look, pick out an assortment of individual knobs rather than a uniform set at a nearby home goods store or local antique shop.

4. Freshen Your Floor with a 2×3′ Area Rug

It’s time to bring color, texture, and comfort to your empty floor space with a 2×3’ area rug. If you have a home with exposed floors, there are plenty of spaces to fill with a small rug: in front of your bathroom sink, next to your bed, or at the bottom or top of a staircase. Even in fully carpeted homes, a 2×3’ rug is an inexpensive way to accent empty spaces and break up the texture of carpet. 

5. Put Tea Lights in Jars to Brighten Your Home

One of the many uses of Mason jars is to hold tea lights and keep the wax from dripping onto tables. A clever and attractive way to hold the tealights in place is to first put sand, wine corks, pebbles, or sea salt in the Mason jars.Arrange these inexpensive-to-make candles on a coffee table, corner shelf, or sturdy windowsill to warm up your home.

6. Line Kitchen Drawers or Shelves with Contact Paper

Do your kitchen drawers or pantry shelves need an update and a pop of color? Measure, cut, and adhere laminated contact paper to the base of your drawers or onto your shelves for a clean look. Not only is laminated contact paper easy to clean, but it also protects kitchen surfaces from natural wear and tear. This home improvement project requires little money but will make your kitchen look clean and new again.

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