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6 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving in Your New House


There’s nothing like hosting a holiday gathering to make your new house feel like a home. Although you’re looking forward to that warm feeling of family and gratitude at Thanksgiving, it can be overwhelming to host the holiday in your new house. Follow these tips to make planning easier, cooking faster, and the whole holiday more enjoyable and stress-free!

1. Do Your Grocery Shopping the Week Before

It can be a nightmare to go grocery shopping around the holidays when everyone else is trying to buy the same things. Keep your stress to a minimum by shopping the week before Thanksgiving. Not only will the stores be less crowded, but you’ll secure all the food ingredients you need for the feast.

2. Create a Pre-Feast To-Do List

It’s easy to overlook small details when you have a million things to do to get ready for Thanksgiving. Create a list of foods you need to prepare, decor you want to buy, and a schedule for when to prepare each dish.

3. Ask Your Guests Pitch In

Hosting Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to make everything. Don’t be shy about asking guests to bring dishes or delegating tasks to help you get ready on Thanksgiving Day. It’s helpful to have guests be responsible for bringing food that doesn’t need to be heated right away, like pie or dinner rolls.

4. Prepare Dishes Ahead of Time

No one likes to be stressed about last-minute food preparations. When you create your pre-feast to-do list, highlight the dishes you want to make ahead of time and those you can make the day of, like the turkey and stuffing. You’ll save yourself both time and stress.

5. Set the Table the Night Before

Get the easy tasks out of the way the night before Thanksgiving, like setting the table. Are you using special silverware for the feast? Make sure it’s polished the night before, too. While you’re at it, arrange the table decor and candles so it’s all ready to go.

6. Enjoy the Day!

Between greeting guests and getting all the food on the table, make sure you enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving. This holiday is all about being grateful and spending time with your friends and family. After all your hard work, remember to enjoy your company and feast in your new home!

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