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How to be an Awesome Airbnb Host


As an Airbnb host, it is your job to provide a comfortable place to stay and a pleasant experience for your guests. In order to become a successful Airbnb host, it’s important to know what will make your guests happy. Here are some tips on how to be an awesome host and build a strong reputation in your area!

Be Clear in Your Communication

Once your guest makes a reservation, send them a welcome email with information on checking in, where to park, and any other details your guest should know when they arrive. It’s important to be a clear communicator from the start of each reservation to ensure your guest is as prepared as possible for their visit. Depending on how far in advance the booking is, get in touch with your guest a few days or a week before their arrival with any last minute details.

Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free

Whether you’re renting out a room in your home or a separate space, get rid of any clutter, such as mail, newspapers, assorted papers, etc. Remember that you’re inviting strangers into your home who are paying to stay with you. You’ll want to make a great first impression! Along with this, be sure to thoroughly clean the guest room, bathroom, and other shared spaces before your guests arrive. Don’t overlook small details like dusting, providing fresh hand towels, and running the dishwasher.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need to go all out with amenities for your guests, but make sure that what you do offer is high-quality. For example, instead of spending money on throw pillows and decorative blankets for the guest bed, consider buying high quality sheets and pillows to ensure your guests are comfortable. Don’t fuss over bedroom decor; decorate modestly and provide amenities that are useful during your guests’ stay.

Provide Information on Tourism and Amenities

It’s helpful for guests to have information on restaurants, shops, and things to do in your area. If you live in a city or town that attracts tourists, put together a booklet of information on attractions and activities that your guests might enjoy. You can also include information on basic amenities, such as nearby banks, grocery stores, laundromats, pharmacies, etc. Keep in mind that your guests might like to have a local experience. Let them know what you like to do in your neighborhood, and some of your favorite places to eat or visit.

Always Exceed Your Guest’s Expectations

As you prepare for your guest’s arrival, always think about how you can go above and beyond to make their experience memorable. You don’t have to go overboard, but ask ahead of time what your guest likes to drink or what snacks they like and stock the fridge with these items. Or, surprise them with locally made treats! Leave a bottle of wine in their room, or bake cookies for when they arrive. Other small details such as travel-size bottles of shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste are nice to have ready for your guests.

Write Reviews for Guests

A great way to build your reputation as an awesome Aibnb host is to write reviews for your guests. Be sure to go into detail about what made your guest a pleasure to host. Were they quiet when they came in late? Did they keep the shared spaces clean and tidy? Giving your guests thorough reviews will encourage them to reciprocate, and help your overall rating shine!

How do you make your Airbnb guests feel at home? Share with us below!


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