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6 Must-Read Tips For Staging Your Home

Staging your home is more than just making your bed and rearranging the furniture. It takes time and effort to make your home appealing to buyers, and sometimes you need to take a hard look at the home you’ve been living in for years to realize the work it needs. Here are some tips for staging your home and winning over buyers:

Stain Old Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Instead of investing in brand new cabinets (which cost time and money!), simply stain your old cabinets to give them a fresh face. Be sure to apply the stain in even strokes going with the grain of the wood. Replace the knobs or handles with new hardware for a look that your buyers will love!

Open the Shades!

Let some light in to brighten up your rooms and bring an airy feel to your home. Sunlight will accent each feature of a room and make it feel larger when a potential buyer views your home. Don’t be afraid to invest in artificial lighting to brighten up darker parts of your home! A simple table lamp, standing lamp, or track lighting in a hallway will warm up your space.

Invest in New Kitchen Appliances

Ditch the dated appliances in your kitchen and make room for brand new equipment. Studies have shown that new appliances bring a high return on investment for sellers, so do the work now and make money later! Not only are new, shiny appliances appealing to buyers for the quality and appearance, but it means less work for them when they own the house.

Freshen Up a Worn Patio

Sweep your patio floor free of leaves and debris and wash it down to remove dirt and grime. Pull weeds from between patio stones, too. Replace old outdoor pillows and worn-out furniture so that your patio looks updated and fresh for potential buyers. For a weathered look on a brick patio, roll a light coat of paint onto the bricks and then spray water onto them. Use an old rag to dab each brick before it dries to give it an outdoor look that’s rustic but clean.

Declutter Closets and Storage Spaces

Buyers love to see storage space, so be prepared to show it off! Organize your clothes, shoes, and personal belongings in your bedroom closets and get rid of unnecessary clutter. This is a great opportunity to get rid of clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit you and donate them to a local charity. Tip: before a showing, spray some room mist in your storage spaces for added freshness!

Scrub Down Grimy Windows and Showers

No one likes to see a dirty home, let alone a gross bathroom. Give your bathroom shower and windows throughout your home a fresh makeover before showing your home. Use a bristle brush and squeegee to get all of the nooks and crannies in your shower unit and window panes. Visit your local hardware store for cleaning supplies.

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